Change the world with these 5 apps

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No.1 Charity Miles

 With every mile, you walk, jog, or cycle, this device tracks your movements, acts as a fitness tracker, and donates money to your chosen charity. 

No.2 HTC Power To Give 

HTC Power to Give enables you to contribute to cutting-edge scientific research without doing anything. Download the app and leave your phone plugged in

No.3 Be My Eyes

Using live video connections, Be My Eyes connects blind and visually impaired people around the world with sighted volunteers.

No.4 Tree Planet

Could one of your favorite mobile games plant trees? Over the last four years, Tree Planet has planted more than 500,000 new trees around the world.

No.5 DoSomething

This app is perfect for anyone who has ever been depressed watching the news and wished there was something they could do about it.

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